A New Way To Experience Museums

Are you looking for a way to have a more immersive and interactive experience at museums? ReLiveIt is the answer. The application reveals the untold stories of exhibits, displays, and artifacts to museum visitors through the use of augmented reality. Patrons can discover a whole new world by digging deeper into their surroundings and looking at everything from a perspective they never imagined. ReLiveIt gives everyone the opportunity to view the restoration of objects, time lapses, 3D models, animations, guided tours, and much more.

Feel The History

Get taken back through time as you witness historical events firsthand. Books and videos only tell part of the story. ReLiveIt allows end users to experience the significance of the event by being at the actual location and hearing the story in a more authentic way with augmented reality.

Tour Cities Like Never Before

Tourists learn more about every city they visit with the guidance of expert avatars that can answer questions, point to specific places of interest, and educate visitors about these locations. These avatars may resemble fictional characters, past heroes, celebrities, or other individuals.

The Team